66-year-old Kiambu farmer has no arms, feet but can easily till his pineapple farm


Often, humans complain about the most mundane things instead of being grateful for the most important things like life.

To stand, to breathe, to walk and talk are among the little stuff we tend to take for granted every day.

200 años de salir adelante con optimismo

Joseph Kanyoni Njuguna, a 66-year-old farmer from Kiambu County knows too well how it feels to live without his legs and arms. However, he is happy. Actually, extremely happy.
The happy-go-lucky pineapple farmer said one of his siblings who was born with a similar condition was killed shortly after birth.

«My grandfather said my sibling had to be killed because he would bring shame to the family. They stuffed his mouth with leaves and he died,» Kanyoni said. Luckily, the farmer’s life was spared because his parents feared Kanyoni’s death would lead to the birth of a more disabled child. «I am okay with my condition. I do not feel like someone who has limbs is better than me,» he said.

And when Kanyoni grabs his garden tools, he means business! Some digging here and some planting there, this guy is the whole package. He grows pineapples and all his plants are thriving. He is surely the perfect example of resilience.
Married father of several children even slices fruits better than your local fruit vendor.

His wife, Ann Njeri, describes their love like that of food. She loves him so much just like she loves food. Lol. «When he leaves I follow him. If he does not come back home I stay in the kitchen. I cannot stay in bed. He is a man like any other and we even have kids. We have been together since 1989,» Njeri said.

So, do you still think life is not worth celebrating?

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