Is it safe to visit casinos in Macau?

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Las Vegas casinos are going through hard times, but it was their Macau counterparts that were hit first. As China is slowly but surely returning to normality, these casinos are also preparing to welcome back visitors. Their revenue plummeted and some are in danger of going bankrupt, so they go to great lengths to convince players to join them once again. The question is how safe it is to visit Macau during this time of the year and its glamorous casinos.

Few safety concerns in Macau

Violent crime is low in this city and even though pickpocketing remains a potential risk, this is not a huge problem. Entertainment establishments, the risks usually revolve around petty theft, especially in crowded places. It’s important to handle your currency with care and not flash your money, especially when you are in public places. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of tourists visiting the city has plummeted, so it’s unlikely to end up in large crowds anyway.

In order to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, the authorities have introduced strict measures. As a tourist visiting Macau for gambling and other forms of entertainment, the risks are low, but they are still there. The local Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is open 24/7 with a hotline where people can ask questions and voice their concerns. A big problem is related to air pollution, which even though isn’t self-evident will hurt particularly those who have a breathing or heart condition.

While trying to pay attention to the threats posed by the Covid, it’s important not to forget about the other health-related dangers. Foodborne and waterborne diseases are to be taken seriously and it’s important to avoid as much as possible undercooked or raw food. If the worst happens and you need medical assistance, you’ll be happy to know that the local medical facilities are adequate. There’s a good chance to be asked to pay upfront, so it’s important to have travel insurance that covers these expenses.

Be aware of travel restrictions

Just because Macau is relatively safe doesn’t mean that anyone can visit the city and its casinos. Many of them are closed anyway and it will take a while until things will return to normal, but many travel restrictions are still in place. Residents of Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as mainland China face no restrictions, but those who live in other countries might be denied entrance. With temperature being checked, those who have a fever will be denied boarding, which is of course a serious problem.

The lack of tourists and the fact that the city is no longer a popular travel destination, should limit the risks of catching the coronavirus. At the end of the day, it all depends on how willing you are to take chances and how far you are willing to go. Risk-averse players would be better off gambling at online casinos, from the comfort of their home, where they are completely safe.